About Me

Clay offers limitless possibilities, which allows me to experiment with ideas and designs. Originally wheel work seduced me into the world of ceramics. The process of creating something that could be used in daily life was mesmerizing.

Recently, I’ve been exploring sculptural forms. This has offered me greater opportunities to push the boundaries of my skills and creativity. In sculpture, I start with an idea. Through the creative process of listening to the clay and giving it form, the clay takes on a life of its own. The most exciting part of my work is the journey that I take with the clay itself. I don’t always end up where I intended, and that’s what makes the process so appealing.

Nature is a source of inspiration for me. I am constantly amazed by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. The shapes and textures of organic forms are endlessly fascinating.  In my work, I attempt to emulate some of these textures. Clay is receptive to the marks I make, and textural surfaces have now become a hallmark of my work.

The name “Dirty Water Studio” is a nod to two of my passions.  I am a die-hard Red Sox fan.  Their adopted theme song is an old hit by the Standells, “Dirty Water”.  It’s about the area around the ballpark, known as the Fens.  And obviously, you can’t work in clay without having some dirty water....

Thanks for taking a look!

Tracy Fischer